Campus Security Data Logging Equipment: Developing an End-to-End Approach

There s no questions that universities must do more to protect digital assets. Sophisticated cybercriminals are increasingly becoming more adept at infiltrating public and private service networks. Determined data thieves plan attacks on devices, like data logging equipment and wireless printers. Finally, they launch malicious code attacks designed to hijack passwords. Strengthening data security on college [ ] The post Campus Security Data Logging Equipment: Developing an End-to-End Approach appeared first on ATIS LP.

Data Recording Software & Sales Force Performance

Inbound call center performance drives growth for external partners. Professional sales agents and customer service representatives are essentially extensions of the brand.  Call centers answer incoming calls during peak times and are a full time solution for companies with limited staff. Data recording software provides hard evidence the team consistently meets, or exceeds, expectations. Voice capturing [ ] The post Data Recording Software & Sales Force Performance appeared first on ATIS LP.